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Saturday, October 29, 2005

playlist for 10/29/05
Vladislav Delay- Fourth Quarter- Four Quarters- Huume
Jonathan Ackerman:
Koerner & Treplec-Berd Inn Gluck- Untenrumgehtsbesser EP- Milnormodern
Efdemin- Van Laack Vacuum- Bruxelles EP- Dial
Someone Else- Bedroom Eyes- Foundsound
Geoff White- Roc (Alex Under rmx)- Apnea
Damian Schwartz- Disminuido- Azul Frio EP- CMKY
Damian Schwartz- Un Helado En La Inglesia- Arena En Los Zapatos EP- Apnea
Ben Klock- Earthquake- Memo One
Jerome y Alex- B1- Musica Charlista- CMKY
Martini Bros. ft MC Veggie- Pumpkin Jam Mix- Karmarouge
Thomas Brinkmann- Karin- Ernst
Marco Passarani- I House U- Peacefrog
Lax- Lift up- My Best Friend
Juan Maclean- Tito's Way (Booka Shade and Reverso rmx)- DFA
Audion- Just Fucking- Spectral Sound
Remute- Music Makes You Rmx- My Best Friend
Losoul- Brain Of Glass (SuperMayer rmx)- Playhouse
R. Rash- Smokin' Jakkit (original)- Exacta.udio
Hell- Follow You (Dominik Eulberg rmx)- International Deejay Gigolo
Steph Highland- Savage 17- Darkstar Lab EP- Glanzbild
DJ Hell & Johannes Heil- ?- JH
Solid Groove- This Is Sick- Front Room
Kraftwerk- Telephone Call (Razormade rmx- white
Gescom- The Sound Of Machines Our Parents Used- Clear

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Thanks everyone for another successful pledge drive!
playlist 10/22/05
Norton Fortune:
Blockhead- Cherry Picker- Downtown Science LP- Ninja Tune
Vladislav Delay- Nesso- Chain Reaction
Portable- Typhoon- Version LP- Scape
Fenin- None Of Them- Grounded LP- Shitkatapult
Process- Sense- Regular
Fenin- Konstrukt- Grounded LP- Shitkatapult
Triola- Leuchtturm (Wighnomy's Polarzipper Rexmi)- Kompakt
Dettinger- B1- Blond EP- Kompakt
Sten- TV- Dial
Carsten Jost- Pink- Sender
A. Mugge- Bipolar- Episode
Fred Nasen- Stickiness (Get Fucked Remix)- Visitor
G-Man- El Jem- i220
"G"- AA Unreleased- Force Inc.
Pastor Fitzner- ?- Esel Ind
Mike Ink- Gold Side A-Studio One
Pastor Fitzner- ?- Esel Ind
Mike Ink- Gold Side B-Studio One
T.Raumschmiere- Musick- Kompakt
Geoff White & Sutekh- Constructed and Deconstructed- Delay #6
Melchior Productions- The Later The Evening- Perlon
Art Of Disco Presents NW- Randomizer- Yellow
Cosmic Sandwich- Cosmic Sandwich Remix- My Best Friend
Fenin- Aware- Grounded LP- Shitkatapult
Portable- All Eject- Version LP- Scape
Fenin- Interlude- Grounded LP- Shitkatapult
Portable- The Open Book- Version LP- Scape

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Please pledge to Strictly Butter & KFAI!!!
playlist for 10/15/05



1 Forensics – Gang Land (Dub)
2 Forensics – Blunt Instrument (Dub)
3 Forsaken – Fragile Mind (Dub)
4 Search & Destroy – Angel (Hot Flush)
5 DJ Distance – 3rd Wish (Hot Flush)
6 Slaughter Mob – Tinji (Boka)
7 Search & Destroy – Candyfloss (Hot Flush)
8 Sound Proof Productions – 3 Degrees (Boka)
9 DJ Distance – Nomad (Hot Flush)
10 Professor J-S – Militia (Boka)
11 Flatline – Auto (Destructive)
12 Digital Mystikz – Mawo Dub (Big Apple)
13 Digital Mystikz – Give Jah Glory (Tempa)
14 DJ Distance – Saints N Sinners (Boka)

Isaac Anthony Dub Mix-
1. Kieser Velten - Dubolition
2. Lazy Boy - Imperial
3. Tosca - Annanas
4. Stereotyp - Stand Up
5. Dj Spooky - Strykly Turn Table Eyzd
6. Pronoia - Janine
7. Groove Corp. - Liberation Dub
8. Nick Holder - Moments in Dub
9. Thievery Corporation - Air Batucada
10. Uptight Sound System - Righteous Dub
11. Colour Box - Baby I Love You So
12. Stereotyp - Pon Remote
13. Hughie Izachaar - Jungle Feva
14. Wicked Beats Sound System - Be Humble
15. Bryan Zentz - Lionstar
16. unknown
17. Gorillaz - M1A1 (remix)

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

playlist 10/08/05
Jobot vs The Lurker
(C'mon people, lets get those pledges in!)
Lali Puna-Left Handed Dub- I Thought I Was Over That (Rare, Remixed, and B-Sides- Morr Music
Legowelt- Strange Girl- Bunker
Alden Tyrell- Disco Lunar Module- Clone
Orgue Electronique- Here I Come (vengo)- Creme Org.
8 Bit Rockers- Electrical Ones- Stilleben
Salamandos- Expand- Creme Org.
Salamandos- Kick Out The Jocks- Bunker
Andrea Parker- Invasion- Quatermass
Ron Trent- Afterlife- Djax Upbeats
Fuck Brothers and Friend- Minimal Fuck- Clone
Sendex- Evidence- Bunker
Sendex- Do You Really- Bunker
AFX- Analord 4
Phuture- Spank Spank- Trax
Bam Bam- Give It To Me- Tresor
B.W.H.- Stop (Bangkok Impact Rmx)- Radius Records
8 Bit Rockers- Lumeriun Dreams- Stilleben
GoGo Yellow-?
Dr. Break- Spinnah- Shiver
Armando- Land Of Confusion- X Mix
Drexciya- Dr. Blowfin's Black Storm Stabilizing Spheres- Tresor
Modeselektor- Kill Gates (The Use This Patch Immediately Version)- Bpitch Control
Luke Eargoggle- Mekanik Priest- Bunker
Orgue Electronique- The Plot- Molotov Records
Salamandos- Jack That Dick- Bunker
Nukubus- Second Moon- Bunker
Legowelt- Are You Truly Debonaire- Bunker
Blake Baxter- Sexuality- Sonic Groove
Fix- Dope Computer- KMS
IBM- My Life As A Skinny Puppy- ?
Chicago Shags- Poke Inferno- Bunker
Jeff Mills- AX-009C- Axis
Der Zyklus- Biometric ID- Clone