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Saturday, July 30, 2005

7/30 Playlist
Forensics- Dubstep Mix #7
  1. Coki- Mood Dub
  2. Plasticman- Aquariddim
  3. Digital Mystikz- Horroshow (teaser)
  4. Digital Mystikz- Twisup
  5. DJ Distance- Empire
  6. Dj Distance- Shiverz
  7. Search & Destroy- Brain Teaser
  8. Vex'd- Pop Pop
  9. Search & Destroy- Mindscape
  10. Toasty Boy- The Knowledge
  11. Toasty Boy- Too Hot
  12. DJ Distance- 1 On 1
  13. Search & Destroy- Desperate Measures
  14. Search & Destroy- Secret Weapons
  15. Vex'd- Gunman
  16. Toasty Boy- Like Sun
  17. Coki- Officer
gregory shiff - october - persona
matthew mercer - secrets - forte
sweet. ncandy - dont chop that - lebensfruede
2 phat cunts - ride - yoshi toshi
justin maxwell - can you confirm it - palette
robag wruhme with the wighnomy bros and delia - wortkabular - musik krause
samim und michal - i know you want to ride - statt musik
ruede hagelstein - crazy - careless records
the blastormen - sexy droid - x0x records
the rip off artist - baby frankenstein - tora tora tora
justin maxwell - garralous - palette
jeff samuel - throof - frankie records
john tejada - breakout - palette
the rip off artist - baby daddy - tora tora tora
justin maxwell - ppain killlers - palette
samim und michal feat lil dirty ghetto bastard - angel - tuning spork
tom bone - sofitel palm beach, little beasties remix - vibrating music
falko brockspier - minikool remix - tuning spork
john tejada - mono on mono - palette
shyza minelli - new found acid - tuning spork

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Guest DJ 7/16/05: The Lurker
Skalpel- Ashpodel- Ninja Tune
Skalpel- Theme from "behind the curtain"- Ninja Tune
  1. Pamatex- ?- Bunker
  2. Steril- Like A Mystery- Klinique EP- Lasergun
  3. Japanese Telecom- Making Of Ultraman- Virtual Geisha LP- Gigolo
  4. Rutherforf- Battle- My Ranch Is Your Ranch EP- Stilleben
  5. Shifted Phases- White Dwarf- Tresor
  6. Omni Incentive- A2- Creme Eclipse 01
  7. Frequenzberater- Corvette-Psicom
  8. Catnip- Catacombus- Stilleben 021
  9. Orgue Electronique- Texas Brooklyn Heaven- Creme Organization
  10. Ectomorph- The Haunting (version)- Intuit-Solar
  11. Vanity 6- Make-Up- Warner Bros
  12. Chaos aka Mark Floyd-Afrogermanic-Underground Resistance
  13. Macho Cat Garage- Crash The Cat- Viewlexx
  14. Nami Shimada- Sunshower (vox)- Creme Organization
  15. Legowelt- Pandamonium- Creme Organization
  16. Tampopo- The Mistress Is Coming- Gigolo
  17. Hiroshi Morohasi- Pleasure Ground- Acacia
  18. Steril- Grey- Shades Of Grey EP- Gigolo
  19. Hardfloor- I Can't Complain- Harthouse
  20. Polygamy Boys- Wake Up- Bunker
  21. Transllusion- C1- Supermat Records
  22. Polarius- Hey Bartello- Talking Smack EP- Bunker
  23. Osborne- Bout Ready To Jak- Spectral Sound
  24. Bambam- Where Is Your Child- Tresor
  25. Unit Moebius- ?- Acid Planet 06
  26. Blake Baxter- One More Time (acid remix)- Tresor
  27. Unit Moebius- ?- Acid Planet 06
  28. Erotek- Interlectual Orgy Side B- Twilight 76
  29. Comtron- No Sabbatical- What We Sell EP- Black Label 003
  30. Ellen Allien- Trashscape (Anthony Rother Remix)- Bpitch Control
  31. Drexciya 2- Bubble Metropolis- Underground Resistance
  32. Luke Eargoggle- Split Personality- Audio Warriors- Bunker
  33. Aquanuts- Frustrated- Underground Resistance
  34. Ectomorph- Skin- Interdimensional Transmissions
  35. Novamen- Ned's Rap- Murder Capital
  36. Advent- They Came- Time Trap Technik- Gigolo
  37. Get It Boyz- Shake That Booty- Bunker
  38. Anthony Rother- Biomechanik- PSI4NET
  39. Man From Pack- Man From Pack- Interdimensional Transmissions
  40. Dopplereffekt- Z-Bosom- Gigolo

Friday, July 15, 2005

Alright, by popular demand here's my new Strictly Butter home page. I'll be posting all sorts of fun stuff regarding the show like upcoming events, playlists, etc. Stay tuned!