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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Playlist for 5/12/12; Host 'n' DJ: Norton Fortune

Playlist Tracks:
Pepe Braddock - Attaque De Boulangerie
Album: Imbroglios Part 1 EP; Label: Atavisme
Makam - Sensations
Album: How Long Is Now? ; Label: Sushitech
Tobias - Leaning Over Backwards (Efdemin remix)
Album: Remixes EP; Label: Unterton
Deadbeat - Acid Washed Genes (Exercise One remix)
Album: Acid Washed Genes EP; Label: Exone
Justin Berkovi - Drive
Album: Drive EP; Label: Applied Rhythmic Technology Art
Mark Reeve - Dice
Album: Dice EP; Label: Soma Records
Macromism - Hip Charmer
Album: Ronan Point EP; Label: SCI+TEC Digital Audio
Midland - What We Know (Motor City Drum Ensemble remix)
Album: Placement Remixes EP; Label: Aus Music
The Traveller - A100
Album: A100 EP; Label: Ostgut Ton
T++ - Audio1995#8
Album: Audio1995#8/Audio1995#8_2 EP; Label: Apple Pips
Shifted - Leather
Album: Crossed Paths; Label: Mote Evolver
Darko Esser - Slightly Disturbed (Sandwell District remix)
Album: The Slightly Disturbed EP; Label: Balans Records
Planetary Assault Systems - Bell Blocker (Silent Servant remix)
Album: Remixes EP; Label: Ostgut Ton
Slam - Groovelock (Echospace Detroit remix)
Album: Groovelock (Deepchord / Echospace Remixes) EP; Label: Soma Records
Alex Costa - Organ Loop
Album: Organ Loop EP; Label: Intacto
Boddika and Joy Orbison - Dun Dun
Album: Dun Dun/Prone EP; Label: Sunklowun
Delano Smith - Togetherness
Album: An Odyssey; Label: Sushitech
Pepe Braddock - 12Turn13
Album: Imbroglios Part 1 EP; Label: Atavisme
Burial and Four Tet - Nova
Album: Nova EP; Label: Text
Delano Smith - Survival
Album: An Odyssey; Label: Sushitech


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