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Monday, March 26, 2007

playlist for 3/24/07
host n' DJ: Norton Fortune

Panda Bear- I'm Not- Person Pitch- Fat Cat
Pole- Warum- Steingarten- Scape
Lawrence- Friday's Child- Mule Electronic
Nhar- Psychogrinder- Plak
Pigon- May In Little Albio Street- Dial
Add Noise- Surface Dub- Earsugar
Marcel Dettmann- A Req (T++ remix)- MDR
Ben Klock- Glandula Piti- Klockworks
Marcel Dettmann- Quicksand- Ostgut Tontraeger
Ben Klock- Glimmerman (Part One)- Klockworks
Ellen Allien & Apparat- Jet (Ben Klock remix)- Bpitch Control
Ricardo Villalobos- Dummolator- Perlon
Half Hawaii- Into You- Perlon
Sascha Funke- I Love This Tent- Camping 03- Bpitch Control
Nhar- Virgile- Plak
B. Larsson- Off Voices- Camping 03- Bpitch Control
T++ - Storm- Erosion
Tony Allen- Ole (Moritz Von Oswald remix)- Honest Jon's

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

playlist for 3/17/07
host n' dj: Norton Fortune

Pole- Winkelstreben- Steingarten LP- Scape
Cosmic Sandwich-Marble (Silent Jeffs Remix)- My Best Friend
Swat-Squad- Escoria (Audio Werner Remix)- Trapez Ltd
Benjamin Wild- Looper Trooper- Perlon
Melchior Productions- Deep Steeps- Playhouse
Melchior Productions- Never Give Up- Playhouse
Melchior Productions- Searching- Playhouse
Ricardo Villalobos- 2000 Abdominals- Perlon
Ricardo Villalobos- What's Wrong My Friends- Perlon
Frank Meuller- Melodram- Perlon
Will Saul- Pause- Simple Music
Ray Valioso- Rhodes Island- Real Soon
Deadbeat- One.Two.Six- Version Immersion EP- Scape
Lawrence- Unserious Takeout No.1- Dial
Tony Allen- Ole (Mortiz Von Oswald rmx)- Honest Jon's
Maus & Stolle- For Your Ears Only- Klang Electronic
Agnes- Bass Music For Bass People- Einmaleins
How To Make Sense Of A Window- Three- Plak
Add Noise- Escuche Y Repita- Earsugar
Angelo- Battilani- Empty- Liebe Detail
Toro- Phantom Drive- My Best Friend

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

playlist for 3/10/07
host n' DJ: Norton Fortune

Distance- Tuning- My Demons LP- Planet Mu
Deepchord- Electromagnetic Dowsing (Mike Huckaby rmx)- Deepchord
Dorian Paic- Unschwung (Dub Taylor remix)- Raum Musik
Ricardo Villalobos- Fruh- Playhouse
Isolee- Hermelin- Playhouse
Will Saul- Pause- Simple Records
Ray Valioso- Get The Strings?- Real Soon
Even Tuell & Metaboman- Go Go Go- Musik Krause
Agnes- 70- Perspectiv
Agnes- Personal Dub- Plak
Martin Buttrich- Full Clip- Planet E
Rhythm & Sound- Poor People Must Work (Carl Craig remix)- Burial Mix
Tony Allen- Ole (Moritz Von Oswald remix)- Honest Jon's
For Various Reasons- Popis 18b- Axis
Marcel Dettman- Getaway- Ostgut Ton
Ellen Allien & Apparat- Jet (Ben Klock remix)- Bpitch Control
Pigon- November In Little Albio Street- Dial
Loefah- Mud- DMZ
Soundproof- Bring The Lights Down (Caspa rmx)- Soundproof
Loefah- System- Tectonic

Monday, March 05, 2007

playlist for 3/03/07
host & dj: Norton Fortune

Bombay Dub Orchestra- Rare Earth (The Forest Of Thieves Mix)- Six Degrees
Tony Allen- Ole (Moritz Von Oswald remix)- Honest Jon's
Rod Modell- Solar Cross- Deep Chord
Deep Chord- M-3- Deep Chord
Rod Modell- Lama Temple- Deep Chord
Deep Chord- Deep Chord 13- Deep Chord
Ellen Allien & Apparrat- Jet (Ben Klock remix)- Bpitch Control
Agnes- 70- Perspectiv
Exercise One- A Night Like This- Num
Monolake- Tangent II- Imbalance
Ripperton- Long Distance- Num ltd
Will Saul- Pause (Isolee remix)- Simple Records
Losoul- A Cut So Sweet- Playhouse
Martin Buttrich- Programmer- Planet E
Deadbeat- One.Two.Three.Infinity- Version Immersion EP- Scape
Angelo Battilani- Empty- Liebe Detail
Agnes- Hi Murda- Perspectiv
Loco Dice- A Chico A Rhytmico- Harissa EP- Cadenza
Martin Buttrich- Full Clip- Planet E
Efdemin- Bergwein- Dial
Skream- Midnight Request Line (Digital Mystikz remix- Skream! LP- Tempa