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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

playlist 10/08/05
Jobot vs The Lurker
(C'mon people, lets get those pledges in!)
Lali Puna-Left Handed Dub- I Thought I Was Over That (Rare, Remixed, and B-Sides- Morr Music
Legowelt- Strange Girl- Bunker
Alden Tyrell- Disco Lunar Module- Clone
Orgue Electronique- Here I Come (vengo)- Creme Org.
8 Bit Rockers- Electrical Ones- Stilleben
Salamandos- Expand- Creme Org.
Salamandos- Kick Out The Jocks- Bunker
Andrea Parker- Invasion- Quatermass
Ron Trent- Afterlife- Djax Upbeats
Fuck Brothers and Friend- Minimal Fuck- Clone
Sendex- Evidence- Bunker
Sendex- Do You Really- Bunker
AFX- Analord 4
Phuture- Spank Spank- Trax
Bam Bam- Give It To Me- Tresor
B.W.H.- Stop (Bangkok Impact Rmx)- Radius Records
8 Bit Rockers- Lumeriun Dreams- Stilleben
GoGo Yellow-?
Dr. Break- Spinnah- Shiver
Armando- Land Of Confusion- X Mix
Drexciya- Dr. Blowfin's Black Storm Stabilizing Spheres- Tresor
Modeselektor- Kill Gates (The Use This Patch Immediately Version)- Bpitch Control
Luke Eargoggle- Mekanik Priest- Bunker
Orgue Electronique- The Plot- Molotov Records
Salamandos- Jack That Dick- Bunker
Nukubus- Second Moon- Bunker
Legowelt- Are You Truly Debonaire- Bunker
Blake Baxter- Sexuality- Sonic Groove
Fix- Dope Computer- KMS
IBM- My Life As A Skinny Puppy- ?
Chicago Shags- Poke Inferno- Bunker
Jeff Mills- AX-009C- Axis
Der Zyklus- Biometric ID- Clone


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