Strictly Butter on KFAI Fresh Air Radio 90.3FM MPLS/106.7 FM St. Paul

A page for "Strictly Butter" on KFAI Fresh Air Radio 90.FM MPLS/106.7 FM St.Paul. Airs live every Saturday night from 11PM to 1AM US Central Time. Hosted by Norton Fortune aka Chip Tennille live streaming on

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Thanks everyone for another successful pledge drive!
playlist 10/22/05
Norton Fortune:
Blockhead- Cherry Picker- Downtown Science LP- Ninja Tune
Vladislav Delay- Nesso- Chain Reaction
Portable- Typhoon- Version LP- Scape
Fenin- None Of Them- Grounded LP- Shitkatapult
Process- Sense- Regular
Fenin- Konstrukt- Grounded LP- Shitkatapult
Triola- Leuchtturm (Wighnomy's Polarzipper Rexmi)- Kompakt
Dettinger- B1- Blond EP- Kompakt
Sten- TV- Dial
Carsten Jost- Pink- Sender
A. Mugge- Bipolar- Episode
Fred Nasen- Stickiness (Get Fucked Remix)- Visitor
G-Man- El Jem- i220
"G"- AA Unreleased- Force Inc.
Pastor Fitzner- ?- Esel Ind
Mike Ink- Gold Side A-Studio One
Pastor Fitzner- ?- Esel Ind
Mike Ink- Gold Side B-Studio One
T.Raumschmiere- Musick- Kompakt
Geoff White & Sutekh- Constructed and Deconstructed- Delay #6
Melchior Productions- The Later The Evening- Perlon
Art Of Disco Presents NW- Randomizer- Yellow
Cosmic Sandwich- Cosmic Sandwich Remix- My Best Friend
Fenin- Aware- Grounded LP- Shitkatapult
Portable- All Eject- Version LP- Scape
Fenin- Interlude- Grounded LP- Shitkatapult
Portable- The Open Book- Version LP- Scape


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