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Saturday, July 30, 2005

7/30 Playlist
Forensics- Dubstep Mix #7
  1. Coki- Mood Dub
  2. Plasticman- Aquariddim
  3. Digital Mystikz- Horroshow (teaser)
  4. Digital Mystikz- Twisup
  5. DJ Distance- Empire
  6. Dj Distance- Shiverz
  7. Search & Destroy- Brain Teaser
  8. Vex'd- Pop Pop
  9. Search & Destroy- Mindscape
  10. Toasty Boy- The Knowledge
  11. Toasty Boy- Too Hot
  12. DJ Distance- 1 On 1
  13. Search & Destroy- Desperate Measures
  14. Search & Destroy- Secret Weapons
  15. Vex'd- Gunman
  16. Toasty Boy- Like Sun
  17. Coki- Officer
gregory shiff - october - persona
matthew mercer - secrets - forte
sweet. ncandy - dont chop that - lebensfruede
2 phat cunts - ride - yoshi toshi
justin maxwell - can you confirm it - palette
robag wruhme with the wighnomy bros and delia - wortkabular - musik krause
samim und michal - i know you want to ride - statt musik
ruede hagelstein - crazy - careless records
the blastormen - sexy droid - x0x records
the rip off artist - baby frankenstein - tora tora tora
justin maxwell - garralous - palette
jeff samuel - throof - frankie records
john tejada - breakout - palette
the rip off artist - baby daddy - tora tora tora
justin maxwell - ppain killlers - palette
samim und michal feat lil dirty ghetto bastard - angel - tuning spork
tom bone - sofitel palm beach, little beasties remix - vibrating music
falko brockspier - minikool remix - tuning spork
john tejada - mono on mono - palette
shyza minelli - new found acid - tuning spork


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