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Saturday, July 16, 2005

Guest DJ 7/16/05: The Lurker
Skalpel- Ashpodel- Ninja Tune
Skalpel- Theme from "behind the curtain"- Ninja Tune
  1. Pamatex- ?- Bunker
  2. Steril- Like A Mystery- Klinique EP- Lasergun
  3. Japanese Telecom- Making Of Ultraman- Virtual Geisha LP- Gigolo
  4. Rutherforf- Battle- My Ranch Is Your Ranch EP- Stilleben
  5. Shifted Phases- White Dwarf- Tresor
  6. Omni Incentive- A2- Creme Eclipse 01
  7. Frequenzberater- Corvette-Psicom
  8. Catnip- Catacombus- Stilleben 021
  9. Orgue Electronique- Texas Brooklyn Heaven- Creme Organization
  10. Ectomorph- The Haunting (version)- Intuit-Solar
  11. Vanity 6- Make-Up- Warner Bros
  12. Chaos aka Mark Floyd-Afrogermanic-Underground Resistance
  13. Macho Cat Garage- Crash The Cat- Viewlexx
  14. Nami Shimada- Sunshower (vox)- Creme Organization
  15. Legowelt- Pandamonium- Creme Organization
  16. Tampopo- The Mistress Is Coming- Gigolo
  17. Hiroshi Morohasi- Pleasure Ground- Acacia
  18. Steril- Grey- Shades Of Grey EP- Gigolo
  19. Hardfloor- I Can't Complain- Harthouse
  20. Polygamy Boys- Wake Up- Bunker
  21. Transllusion- C1- Supermat Records
  22. Polarius- Hey Bartello- Talking Smack EP- Bunker
  23. Osborne- Bout Ready To Jak- Spectral Sound
  24. Bambam- Where Is Your Child- Tresor
  25. Unit Moebius- ?- Acid Planet 06
  26. Blake Baxter- One More Time (acid remix)- Tresor
  27. Unit Moebius- ?- Acid Planet 06
  28. Erotek- Interlectual Orgy Side B- Twilight 76
  29. Comtron- No Sabbatical- What We Sell EP- Black Label 003
  30. Ellen Allien- Trashscape (Anthony Rother Remix)- Bpitch Control
  31. Drexciya 2- Bubble Metropolis- Underground Resistance
  32. Luke Eargoggle- Split Personality- Audio Warriors- Bunker
  33. Aquanuts- Frustrated- Underground Resistance
  34. Ectomorph- Skin- Interdimensional Transmissions
  35. Novamen- Ned's Rap- Murder Capital
  36. Advent- They Came- Time Trap Technik- Gigolo
  37. Get It Boyz- Shake That Booty- Bunker
  38. Anthony Rother- Biomechanik- PSI4NET
  39. Man From Pack- Man From Pack- Interdimensional Transmissions
  40. Dopplereffekt- Z-Bosom- Gigolo


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