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Saturday, December 24, 2005

playlist for 12/24/05
Christmas Eve Dubstep Special!

El Sid Mix (Nov 2005) Tracklist:

November Dub – Boxcutter
Monsoon Remix – Loefah
Skinny – Toasty
Sacred Cycles Remix – Scuba
Fallen – DJ Distance
Nomad Remix – Scuba
Candyfloss Remix – Loefah
As One – Toasty
Retrospect – C83 – Envision Records
Sunshine VIP – Boxcutter
Knowledge Remix – Vex’d
Fractured – DJ Distance
Lightning Dub – Skream
Thank You – Scuba
She – Toasty
Positive – Search & Destroy
Traffic – DJ Distance
Killing Floor – Vex’d
Dream – Scuba

Paul Rose N4 Mix (Dec 2005)


1. Intro
2. Boxcutter - Gave Dub
3. Shackleton - Naked
4. Caspa - Home Sick
5. Scuba - Aqualung
6. Shackleton - Chainsaw Massacre
7. Scuba - Thump
8. DQ1 - ??
9. Vex'd - ??
10. 23hz & Numaestro - Dissident
11. Luke Envoy - Gamma
12. Scuba - Harpoon
13. Boxcutter - Tauhid
14. October - Lazer Finger
15. The Successful Applicant - Butterfly Kiss
16. Search & Destroy - Candyfloss (Toasty's Brighton Rock mix)
17. Distance - Tuning
18. Toasty - The Knowledge (Vex'd dub mix)
19. Boxcutter - Parity
20. Math Head - South Bronx
21. Shackleton - Limb by Limb
22. Scuba - Brown

Paul and El Sid run the excellent Hotflush label:
Hotflush blog:

These and other fine dubstep mixes are available for download here:


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