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Monday, December 19, 2005

playlist for 12/17/05
Skalpel- Seaweed- Kofusion LP- Ninja Tune
Jonathan Ackerman:
AM/PM- No Matter Whether- Also EP- Dreck
Agnes- Treat Me Bad (Cabanne Rmx)- Minibar
Electroserge- In A Disco (Landesvatter Rmx) - Nortmoton
Heartz24- Veritablebuck- Is It Bad Heroin Or Is It Morning Sickness? EP- Hellorepeat
Anders Ilar- Shellwork Opals- Fholo EP- Defrag
Ben Parris- Loose Impediments- Double Wimpfighter EP- Foundsound
Matias Aguayo- Drums And Feathers- Are You Really Lost? LP- Kompakt
Ralph Sliwinski- Wall Crawler- Bugwheats EP- Below
Audio Werner- Schickago- TrapezLtd 39
Alex Under- El Azadon Es Un Cazador Solitario- Dispositivos De Mi Granja LP- Trapez
Dandy Jack- Arabs In The Dessert- Perlon
Phon.o- Bushed In Da D (Kit Clayton's Nostalgia Rmx)- Shitkatapult
Metope- 33- Kobol LP- Areal
Alter Ego- Gate 23 (Alter Ego Dub)- Klang Elektronik
Sutekh- Black Capped- Two Vireos EP- Soul Jazz
Error Error- Rotten- Give Me Pink EP- Italic
Noze- Kitchen- Trapez
Robert Babicz- Sonntag- Mister Head- K2
Prins Thomas-- Goettsching (Blackbelt Anderson Rmx)- Fullpupp
Antonelli Electric- Snowflake Funk- Laziness EP- Level


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