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Saturday, November 12, 2005

playlist for 11/12/05

Venetian Snares- Masodik Galamb- Rossz Csillag Allat Szuletett LP- Planet Mu
DJ Pinch Sept 05 Mix

Intro (Request Line)
'Misty Winter' Digital Mystikz (dub)
'Attitude' Skream (dub)
'Conference' Digital Mystikz (dub)
'Indian Stomp' Random Trio (forthcoming on Tectonic)
'Late Night Request Line' Skream (Tempa)
'Midnight' Loefah (dub)
'28g' Loefah & Skream (forthcoming on Tectonic)
'Monsoon VIP' Skream/Loefah (dub)
'Shallow Grave VIP' Plasticman (Skream Rmx) (dub)
'Dr ?' Borai (dub)
'Stuck' Digital Mystikz (dubplate version)
'Kingstown Vocal' Kode 9 & Spaceape (Hyperdub)
'Frontline' Omen (dub)
'Aphrodite' Omen (dub)
'Devil Man' Mark One (white label)
'Fire Hydrant' Jammer
'Killing Floor' Vex'd (dub)
'Temptation' Distance (dub)
'Wrath VIP' Digital Mystikz (DMZ)
'Solitaire' Joker (dub)

grab this mix from Gutterbreakz

part 2:
Thomas Fehlmann- Whistle- Visions Of Blah LP- Kompakt
Adam Johnson- Hall Of Kings- Global Underground
Adam Johnson- Miles From Your Eyes Winter Mobius Mix- Consumers Research
Jesse Somfay- For A Brief Moment I Was Here- Traum
Yard- Adam Johnson's Haunting Neal's Yard Rmx- Narita
Casino Vs Japan- Wasted Snow Home- Unreleased
DJ Koze- Chiminea- Kosi Comes Around LP- Kompakt


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