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Friday, January 01, 2010

playlist for 12/26/09
host 'n' DJ: Norton Fortune

2562 - Dinosaur
album: Unbalance; label: Tectonic

Kyle Hall - Create Your Own Existence
album: The Water Is Fine EP; label: Moods & Grooves

Wbeeza - Candle Groove
album: City Shuffle EP; label: Third Ear Recordings

Delano Smith - Dee's Gruv
album: Midnite EP; label: Third Ear Recordings

Ed Davenport - Warmethene (MyMy Reduction mix)
album: Warmethene EP; label: Poker Flat

Brendon Moeller - Phazed & Confused
album: Escape EP; label: Steadfast

Losoul & Raysoo - Metroworks
album: Metroworks EP; label: Love International

Moodymanc - Omlette
album: Omlette EP; label: Dessous Recordings

Mountain People - 09.A
album: Mountain People 09 EP; label: Mountain People

Brendon Moeller - Escape
album: Escape EP; label: Steadfast

John Tejada & Arian Leviste - Observer
album: Messenger EP; label: Palette

Adultnapper - Almost Nothing (Patrick Chardronnet remix)
album: Almost Nothing EP; label: Audiomatique

Odd Machine - Phase In
album: Phase In EP; label: Non Standard Productions

Area - LLPOD
album: Absence EP; label: Wave Music

Stimming - Kakusei
album: Buxton Pipes EP; label: Audiomatique

John Tejada & Arian Leviste - Messenger
album: Messenger EP; label: Palette

Ribn - This Feeling (Steve Bug remix)
album: This Feeling Remixes EP; label: Mild Pitch

Dan Berkson & James What - Ghosts
album: Ghosts EP; label: Poker Flat

Felipe Venegas Y Francisco Allendes - Llovinza
album: Llovinza EP; label: Cadenza


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