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Sunday, November 08, 2009

playlist for 10/24/09
host 'n' DJ : Norton Fortune

Pendle Coven- Chord Calculus- Self Assesment LP- Modern Love
Stimming- Funk With Me- Stormdrum EP- Diynamic
Jeff Samuel-
GBBBump- Throatwobbler Mangrove EP- Karloff Records
Dan Berkson and James What- Ghosts- Ghosts EP- Poker Flat
Ricardo Villalobos- Easy Lee (Soul Capsule's London Bootleg remix_ Alcachofa remixes EP- Playhouse
Marc Romboy vs Smokin' Joe- What Is This ? (Lee Jones Remix)- What Is This? EP- Dirt Crew Recordings
Andomat 3000- Lee Style- Extra 02 EP- Diynamic
D.Brown and Konrad Black- Bilderburg Group- Brown Black EP- Volt Musik
Lawrence- Don't Forget- In The Beginning / Don't Forget EP- Smallville
Substance and Vainquer- Libration- Libration EP- Scion Versions
Silent Servant- Discipline- Negative Fascinations EP- Sandwell District
Eon & Baby Ford- Dead Eye- Dead Eye EP- Plus 8
Silent Servant- Demonstration- Negative Fascinations EP- Sandwell District
Dettmann/Klock- Dawning- Dawning / Dead Man Watches The Clock EP -Ostgut Tontrager
Jerome Sydenham-Tonto- My Pet Gorilla EP- Apotek
Swat Squad- Escoria (Franlin De Costa remix)- Escoria remixes EP- Trapez
IO- Matin- Cabaret EP- Diynamic
Lee Jones- Soon- Soon EP- Aus Music
Ronald Appel- School Dayz Dub0- School Dayz EP- Compost Black
Dirt Crew- Soundwave- Soundwave remixes EP- Dirt Crew Recordings


Blogger saintvitas said...

Great mix.
Cant wait to hear the rest.
(glad to know someone in mpls has taste)

12:24 PM  
Blogger Norton Fortune aka Chip Tennille said...

Thanks for listening!

7:35 PM  

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