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Sunday, March 30, 2008

playlist for 3/29/08
host & DJ: Norton Fortune

Kuma - Dawn Stepped Outside
label: Immerse


Mike Huckaby and Pacou - Sessions (Main mix)
album: Sessions 2007; label: Cache

MLZ - M-Brane
album: Dark Days EP; label: Modern Love

Soultek - Analogue Heart
label: Soundshift

Mike Ink & Alter Ego - Soul Desert
album: Space Marines EP; label: Art Of Perception

Martin Buttrich - Stoned Autopilot
label: Planet E

Maurizio - M7
label: M

Friendly People - Music Is Improper (Damian Schwartz remix)
label: Apnea

Jacek Sienciewicz - No Image No Sound
label: Smallville

Ian Simmonds - Woodhouse Suite
album: Woodhouse EP; label: Musik Krause

Pikaya - Fango
album: Kambrium EP; label: Cadenza

Will Saul & Lee Jones - Hug The Scary (Partial Arts remake)
album: Hug The Scary EP; label: Aus Music

Jona - Evidence
album: Evidence EP; label: Get Physical

Sun Electric - Toninas (Fehlmann/Meteo Rmx)
label: Shitkatapult

MLZ - Dark Days
album: Dark Days EP; label: Modern Love

Shackelton - Death Is Not Final
label: Skull Disco

Spherix - Blackwood
label: Bare Dubs


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Blogger less_cunning said...

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Blogger less_cunning said...

really like how you increased the pitch on that sun electric song. superb DJ'ing skills. really dope. it sounds better faster. jamrock.

7:28 PM  

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