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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

playlist for 3/22/08
host: Norton Fortune
guest DJ: M50

Rod Modell- Hotel Chez Moi- Incense and Blacklight LP- PLOP



Biosphere - In The Shape Of A Flute
album: Dropsonde; label: Touch

Porter Ricks - Port Of Transition
album: Port Of Transition; label: Chain Reaction

Substance / Vainqueur - Libration
album: Libration; label: Scion Versions

Kim Rapatti - [untitled]
album: Mood EP; label: Plug Research

Pär Grindvik - Continue In My Words (Dettman | Klock Remix)
album: Continuate; label: Spectral Sound 2007

Octave One - Trak 3
album: The Collective; label: 430 West

DBX - Beat Phreak
album: Losing Control; label: Accelerate

Soultek - De-Modulation
album: Holding Onto That Feeling EP; label: Soundshift Detroit

Ricardo Villalobos - Morphunk
album: For Disco Only 2; label: For Disco Only

Ricardo Villalobos - Mormax
album: For Disco Only 2; label: For Disco Only

Echospace - Elysian
album: The Coldest Season Pt 3; label: Modern Love

Cyrus - Presence
album: Inversion; label: Basic Channel

Ben Klock - Point-Blank
album: Big Time; label: BPitch Control

Soultek - Analogueheart (Ghosthacked By Area)
album: Analogueheart; label: Soundshift Detroit

Villalobos - What You Say Is More Than I Can Say
album: Halma; label: Playhouse

Ellen Allien - Erdbeermund
album: Erdbeermund label: BPitch Control

Mathias Kaden - Synkope (Daniel Stefanik Remix)
album: [split]; label: Vakant R

Adam Johnson - Warp 2002
album: Parotic Foundations Volume 3; label: Parotic

Joris Voorn - Addict (Acid Dub)
album: The Way Things Appear...; label: Wolfskuil

Klettermax - Der Klettermax
album: Der Klettermax; label: Source

Sweet N Candy - Na Sicher Ja
album: Tacky Wakeup EP; label: Raum...musik

Touane - Gum
album: Gum; label: Trenton

Apparat & Ellen Allien - Fuse
album: Koax; label: BPitch Control

Touane - Accordi (Raumagent Alpha 180º Mix)
album: Gum; label: Trenton

Surgeon - Box (Version II)
album: Balance Remakes; label: Tresor

Marco Passarani - Spatial Twitter
album: Space Under Downtown EP; label: Generator

Matt O'Brien - On The Brink
album: A Different Light EP; label: Off-Key Industries

Paul Kalkbrenner - Page 1, 2, 3 (Remixed By Agoria)
album: Reworks pt2; label: BPitch Control

Karafuto - [untitled]
album: Blue; label: Untitled


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