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Monday, January 30, 2006

playlist for 1/28/06
Norton Fortune:
Twilight Circus Dub Sound System- Ride- Dub Plate Selection LP- M Records
Deru- Tapah- Trying To Remember LP- Merck
Cyrus- Indian Stomp- Random Trio EP- Tectonic
DJ Distance- Fallen- Boka
Matias Aguayo- Drums & Feathers- Are You Really Lost LP- Kompakt
Meteo & Santelmi- Guacamole (Daso rmx)- My Best Friend
Florent- Ritournell- G-Net Ep- K2
Mathew Jonson- 7.19 david- Wagon Repair
Dominik Eulberg- Airbust- Raum Musik
Noah Pred- Converge- City2City pt.2 ep- Morris/Audio Citysport
Sweet n Candy- Analogue 1- Raum Musik
2 Dollar Egg- Graphit- Klang Elektronik
Der Vampire Von- Ego Club Galore- Trapez Ltd
Dominik Eulberg- Der Totenkopfschwarmer Im Beinstock- Traum
Heib- The Undertaker- Kompakt
Ego Express- Everybody (Jackmate rmx)- Ladomat 2000
Exercise One- Easy Things (Duplex 100 Rmx)- Mobilee
Claro Intelecto- Patience- Modern Love
Efdemin- Baumgartnerhohe (copy)- Bruxelles Ep- Dial
Substance- Relish (original)- Chain Reaction
Add Noise- Escuche Y Repita- Earsugar
Monolake- Plumbicon (Sleeparchive Interpretation)- Imbalance
Syncom Data- Horse- SD Records


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