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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

playlist for 8/1/09
host 'n' DJ: Norton Fortune

Daddy Freddy - No Carbon (Landau dub)
album: unreleased; label: unreleased

Chopstick and Till Von Sein - Mama Knew
album: Ten EP; label: Baalsaal Music

Show B - Moory
album: Black Label 49 EP; label: Compost Black Label

Mic Newman - The Aires
album: The Aires EP; label: Dirt Crew Recordings

Look See - Gilded (Citymouse redux)
album: unreleased; label: unreleased

Burial and Four Tet - Moth
album: Moth/Wolf Club EP; label: Text Records

Nima Gorji - Japanese Sword
album: Return of the Samurai EP; label: Tsuba

Maya Jane Coles - Colours (Afrilounge Deep Space remix)
album: Monochrome EP; label: Dogmatik Records

Ali Kuru - No Name Maddoxx
album: Part 2 EP; label: 8bit

Willie Graff and Tuccillo - Paru Paru
album: I'm Very Close?Paru Paru EP; label: liebe*detail

Pan-Pot - Confronted
album: Confronted EP; label: Mobilee

Carl Craig - Angel (Jerome Sydenham Vocal Dub)
album: Angel Remixes; label: Guilty Pleasures/Planet E

And.ID - Lights Out
album: First Talk EP; label: Mobilee

Cesar Merveille & Pablo Kahn-Speyer - Tribute
album: Descarga EP; label: Cadenza

Sven Tasnadi - Habanero (with Trumpet)
album: Habanero EP; label: Poker Flat Recordings

Patrick Chardronnet - Dropout
album: Piper/Dropout; label: Audiomatique

Thomas Brinkman - Isch
album: Isch EP; label: Petite

Show-B - On A String (Dub)
album: Black Label 49 EP; label: Compost Black Label

Jay Shepheard - A Year To The Day
album: Compost Black Label #43; label: Compost Black Label

Andy Stott - Brief Encounter
album: Brief Encounter/Drippin' EP; label: Modern Love


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