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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

playlist for 3/28/09
host: Norton Fortune
DJ: Dfx

T++ - 100 Bar
album: Worn Down / 100 Bar EP; label: Not On Label

Timeblind - The Rastabomba (Pwana Frenzy)
album: Most Eye, The Rastabomba Remixes EP; label: Orthlorng Musork

Pole - Alles Klar
album: Alles Gute / Alles Klar EP; label: Scape

Pinch - Motion Sickness
album: Tempa Allstars Vol.5; label: Tempa

Scientist - Vulcan
album: Dub Landing; label: Auralux

LV feat. Dandelion - CCTV
album: HDB11 EP; label: Hyperdub

Digital Mystikz - Give Jah Glory
album: Tempa All Stars Vol 2; label: Tempa

Mala - Miracles
album: Miracles EP; label: Deep Medi

TRG - Broken Hearts (Martyn's DCM remix)
album: Broken Hearts EP; label: Hessle Audio

Peverelist - Infinity Is Now
album: Infinity Is Now/Junktion EP; label: Tectonic

Scuba - Ruptured (Surgeon remix)
album: Ruptured remix EP; label: Hot Flush

Jus Wan - Action Potential
album: Apple Pips 003 EP; label: Apple Pips

Appleblim - Vansan
album: Soundboy's Ashes Get Chopped Out and Snorted EP; label: Skull Disco

Dabrye - Air ft. Doom (Kode 9 remix)
album: Get Dirty EP; label: Ghostly International

Zomby - Spliff Dub (Rustie remix)
album: Spliff Dub EP; label: Hyperdub

Joker & Rustie - Play Dough
album: KS002 EP; label: Kapsize

The Bus - Jah War ft. Flowdan
album: Jah War EP; label: Ninja Tune

Skream - Make Me
album: Skreamizm Vol.3; label: Tempa

Jakes - 3kout
album: Hench 001 EP; label: Hench

Coki - Tortured
album: Tortured/Shattered EP; label: Tempa

The Bug ft. Killa P. and Flowdan - Skeng
album: HDB 006 EP; label: Hyperdub

Jemmy - Bass Transmitter
album: Bass Transmitter EP; label: Punch Drunk

Silke - I Sed
album: Hooby / I Sed (12"); label: Deep Medi

Hijack - Tears
album: promo ep; label: Not on label

Forsaken ft. Joker - Last Saloon Swagger
album: Last Saloon Swagger EP; label: Soul Motive

Martyn - J.W. On A Good Night
album: After Seven EP; label: Revolve:r

Jamie Woon - Wayfaring Stranger (Burial remix)
album: Wayfaring Stranger EP; label: Live Recordings

Reactive - Hard Candy
album: unreleased; label: Not on label

EL-B - Buck & Bury
album: Buck & Bury / Back2Me EP; label: Ghost


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