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Saturday, March 07, 2009

playlist for 3/7/09

Mix by Timeblind aka Chris Sattinger
Get it here!

Pigeon drones recorded in Ürümqi – (Royal Oculus and Gramophone Company)
crucialfelix – (live at slowsoundsystem, London)
Herbie Hancock – Nobu (live in Japan)
Twisted – Give me Up (2nd drop, UK) (we think boomkat has the titles swapped)
Art Ensemble of Chicago – People in Sorrow (I) (Americans Swinging in Paris)
Groovechronicles – 1999 – (DPR, UK)
Timeblind – Shunyata (unreleased)
Basic Channel – Radiance (Timeblind transmogrification)
F – The Untitled Dub (7even, Frankreich)
CIAfrica – STAND (CIAfrica, Côte d’Ivoire / “Eastern France”)
DJ Chemistry – Hallucinations (Chemistry Records, UK, )
DJ Nike – Soba Soba (Angola)
Art Ensemble of Chicago – obligatory Malachi Favors clown horn solo
The Berlin U-Bahn –
Anstam Music – Cree B (Berlin)
Helixir – Narcotik Dub (7even, France)
Martyn – Vancouver pure dub
Timeblind – Coltan and Cassiterite (forthcoming split 12” on the Agriculture with Rupture/Shadetek)
Vice Squad – On the Edge (just the breakdown)
Pandit Ravi Shankar – Raga Margwa (78 RPM classics, Calcutta)
F – Phantom (7even, France)
Pangea – Router (Hessle Audio, Großbritannien)
Drexciya – Depressurisation (Detroit)
Helixir – Springz & Wires (7even, Frenchland)
Spatial – Infra001_CC1 (oota Lunnon, the caipital ceity o the Unitit Kinrick )
King Sunny Adé – Eje Nlo Gba Ara Mi (Island Records classic, Nigeria)
Ramandanman – The Woon (2nd drop, not from France)
Serginho Costa – Beijar Na Marra !! (Brasileiro)
Montagem – Aquecimento dos Bailes (Brasileiro)
RSD – Over it (UK)
Groovechronicles – Incredible (DPR)
Galleon Dub – 23Hz & Numaestro (Substratum EP, Spain)
African Head Charge – Conspiring (1979, UK)
Matt Shadetek – Lily of the Valley – Flowers (NYC)
Wolves (dunno, I found it)
Timeblind – Ayerz mix (unreleased)


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