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Thursday, November 06, 2008

playlist for 11/01/08
Host 'n' DJ: Norton Fortune

Martyn - Vancouver
label: 3024

Stimming - Kleine Nachtmusik
album: Kleine Nachtmusik EP; label: Buzzin' Fly

Jona - Smart Cats vs Dumb Dogs
album: Evidence EP; label: Get Physical

Chopstick & Johnjon - Birds (Afrilounge's Velvet Monkey Dub)
label: Dirtcrew

Ben Nevile and Losoul - Petid Losoul v.1 remix
album: Petid EP; label: Telegraph

Pepe Braddock - Cote Calin
album: "4" EP; label: Atavisme

Minilogue - Doiice
label: Minilogue

Tuoane - Malto
album: Malto EP; label: Persona

Anthony Rother - Digital Vision
label: Telekraft Records

Claro Intelecto - Memento
album: Warehouse Sessions Vol.5; label: Modern Love

D'Julz - Yo Momo
label: Intacto

Dub Kult - Chick
album: Twelve EP; label: Traum

MyMy - Sountbound
label: Ostgut Tonträger

Tony Allen - Ole (Moritz Von Oswald remix)
label: Honest Jon's

Daniel Bell - Work That Shit
album: Lost Traxx EP; label: Klang Elektronik

Sten - Way To The Stars
label: Dial

Marcel Dettmann - Lattice
label: MDR

Kenny Leaven - Feeling Spicy
label: Traum

Alter Ego - Gary (C2 remix)
label: Klang Elektronik


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