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Monday, April 02, 2007

This just in: the new KFAI website is now up! That means mp3 streaming, program archives, and more snazzy playlist action are in full effect so check it out dudes. Just click on Programs & Schedule and scroll down to you favorite show.

playlist for 3/31/07
host + Dj: Norton Fortune

Pole- Madchen- Steingarten- Scape
Minilogue- Hitchhiker's Choice- Crosstown Rebels
Half Hawaii- Out Of You- Perlon
Nhar- Psychogrinder- Plak
Add Noise- Tropic Rhythm- Earsugar
Will Saul- Pause (Isolee rmx)- Simple Music
Agnes- 70- Perspectiv
Marcell Dettmann- Sheena (T++ rmx)- MDR
Isolee- Willy Skipper- Playhouse
Half Hawaii- Into You- Perlon
Stephan Laubner- Portside Waves- Perlon
Loco Dice- Vamos A Cali- Harissa EP-Cadenza
Martin Buttrich- Full Clip- Planet E
Sascha Funke- I Like This Tent- Bpitch Control
Ray Valioso- Get The Strings?- Real Soon
Rhythm & Sound- Mango Drive- Rhythm & Sound
STP- The Fall (Original mix) - Subsolo
Burial- Gutted- Hyperdub


Blogger jon said...

kfai site not up as of April 14... at least not here in Providence, RI. But glad to hear the site s h o u l d be up soon. Any news is appreciated. -a listener

4:45 PM  
Blogger alex said...

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