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Monday, December 18, 2006

Hey, KFAI is back live streaming Real Audio! I'm told we'll be back next year with the Program Archives.

playlist for 12/16/06
host & dj: Norton Fortune
Grievous Angel- Billy Preston- Unreleased
Isolee- Hermelin- Playhouse
Pan-Pot- Black Currant- Extra EP- Mobilee
Ricardo Villalobos- Duso- Cadenza
Swat Squad- Escoria (Audio Werner rmx)- Trapez
Luciano- Bomberos- Cadenza
Kenny Leaven- Feed Me Better- Traum
Audion- Hot Air- Spectral
Lee Van Dowski- The Last Bounce (Original mix)- Num
Lawrence- Off The Line- Dial
Chaton- side B- Precis EP- Plak
Holger Zilske meets Dave DK- Mono Rain- Playhouse
Cosmic Sandwich- Battle Twig- My Best Friend
Nass- Teil 1- Nummer
Ricardo Villalobos- Fizheuer Zieheuer- Playhouse
Ray Valioso- Get The Strings?- Real Soon
Chaton & Hopen- It Is Cut (Agnes Deeptroit Rebuild)- Plak
Ray Valioso- Rhodes Island- Real Soon
D.Brown & Konrad Black- Bildeburg Group- Volt Musik
Skream- Stagger- Skream! LP- Tempa
Juju- Iroko- Narco.hz


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