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Monday, September 25, 2006

playlist for for 9/23/06
host & DJ: Norton Fortune
Skream- Bahl Forward- Tectonic
Blackdown- Crackle Blues (Burial rmx)- Keysound
Monolake- Plumbicon (Sleeparchive rmx)-Imbalance
Chaton & Hopen- Dreaming Surfaces Part Two- Num
Nhar- Silkcut- Mobilee
Daniel Stefanik- The Bells- Extra EP- Mobilee
Nhar- Hexoflip- Mobilee
Bastien Grine- Where Are You?- K2
Florent- G Net- K2
Add Noise- Tropicalia- Earsugar
Franklin De Costa- Kill Your Cat- Einmaleins
Claro Intelecto- Only Yesterday- Modern Love
Sten- Take Me To The Fridge- Dial
Gui Boratto- Beluga- Audiomatique
Giorgos Gatzigristos- Skip Tutorial- K2
Mateo & Santelmi- Danseur- My Best Friend
Dario Zenker- Fruitlup- Num
Someone Else- Julian's Poop- Musik Krause
Even Tuell & Metaboman- Go Go Go- Musik Krause
Alex Under- C1- Multiplicanciones2- Apnea
Douglas Greed- Let's Roll- Freude Am Tanzen
Soylent Green- Low Pt.1- Playhouse


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